Symantec Advanced Threat Protection 3.x: Incident Response

Offizielle Schulung von Symantec. Trainer: Ulf Spangenberg, niwis consulting gmbh.

The Symantec Advanced Threat Protection 3.x: Incident Response course is designed for the IT security professional in a Security Operations position. This class covers how to detect, investigate, remediate, and recover from an incident using Advanced Threat Protection.


Sie sollten ein tiefergehendes Wissen über Symantec Endpoint Protection mitbringen.


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe Advanced Threat Protection products, components, dependencies, and system hierarchy.
  • Configure Advanced Threat Protection to prepare your environment for responding to incidents.
  • Detect events and incidents in the ATP Manager and search for indicators of compromise (IOC).
  • Remediate threats by isolating breached endpoints and blacklisting suspicious files and addresses.
  • Recover from an outbreak using Symantec best practices and update your Cybersecurity plan.

Kursinhalt (englisch) …

  • 14.-15. Februar 2019 in Hamburg
  • 28.-29. März 2019 in Frankfurt
  • weitere Termine auf Anfrage

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