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Broadcom vereinheitlicht EDR Agents

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    Broadcom vereinheitlicht EDR Agents

    Bisher hat Symantec/Broadcom verschiedene Agents für seine zwei EDR Lösungen benötigt, nun konsolidiert der Hersteller die beiden Lösungen:

    As we execute our new Broadcom strategy, we are consolidating consoles and agents in our Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) portfolio. Cloud and on-premises functions that are currently separate will now reside on the Integrated Cyber Defense Manager (ICDm) or the EDR appliance. Going forward, both cloud and on-premises functions will be accessed via a single agent. With this change, customers will migrate to an EDR solution that provides a more robust EDR capability and a more seamless user experience that is integrated with their other Symantec Endpoint use cases. This change will affect customers as follows
    • EDR Cloud customers can migrate to Symantec Endpoint Security Complete (SESC) to replace EDR cloud functionality – free
    • To use EDR functionality in SESC, customers without SEP (14.2 or newer), will need to install it
    • Customers with agentless support in the past will no longer have that option
    • Customers using the EDRC collection agent for Mac OS, Linux or Windows will need to replace the CSA agent with a SEP agent.
    Customers with any EDR entitlement will be affected by this change. Symantec Enterprise Division (SED) will contact affected customers in the coming weeks to make them aware of this change. Very soon, we will be providing further information on how customers will be provisioned on the new agent and console.