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Browsersafeguard.exe and outlook crashing

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  • Browsersafeguard.exe and outlook crashing

    I need a solution

    Anyone have experience with Browsersafeguard? Is Browsersafeguard considered a virus by SEP? In our environment, it seems like this application is causing outlook to crash and quick search on the internet seems to suggest it could be malware but yet some say its a valid program. Any opinion?


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    It is better to remove it


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      If you are facing such problems then it simply means that your system has been infected. You need to remove all the malignant threats permanently otherwise it can affect your PC severely. Don't have any idea about the removal process? Click on the link to learn the best removal instructions.

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        Could this BrowseSafeguard virus infect you with ransomware? I think it gave me this thing and now my files are blocked((